Nutrivi LipoVitum C – liposomal vitamin C in liquid, easily absorbable form. Essential for normal functioning of our organisms, vitamin C has been contained in a perfect carrier – liposomes. Liposomes not only do an amazing job in transporting vitamin C to the correct action spot, but they also prolong its durability, efficiency, and effectiveness of absorption, they also contribute to extending its presence in the organism. The liposomal formula protects vitamin C from being disintegrated by stomach acids and move the absorption process to intestines, assuring the highest effectiveness. It provides 1000 mg of stable vitamin C in a liposomal form in one, daily recommended dose.
Diet supplement Nutrivi LipoVitum C
  • Unmatched absorbance – thanks to their size – up to 100 smaller than a cell, and a structure similar to the human cells, liposome enables unmatched absorbance of the vitamin C, approx. 80-90%
  • Increased durability and stability – thanks to the lipid layer Lipovitum C protects the active substance from disintegration and the influence of the digestive enzymes, stomach acids, and free radicals
  • Optimal absorption spot – the lipid layer makes it possible to transport vitamin C to the intestines, where its potential gets released: the actual, gradual absorption takes place and vitamin C is distributed across the organism.
  • It exhibits the correct pharmacokinetic profile – it maintains the optimal concentration of the vitamin C prolonged in time
  • Faster influence on the immune system – vitamin C released in intestines permeates the intestinal villus and by doing so gains direct influence on the immune system
  • Effects on the kidneys – releasing the vitamin C in intestines does not burden the kidneys
  • Omitting the stomach digestion saves the organism precious energy
  • Choline which builds the liposome’s lipid layer after its disintegration gets used in supporting coronary and nervous systems and to stabilize the correct cellular structure.
Indications for vitamin C supplementation:
  • low, insufficient fresh fruits and vegetables consumption
  • long-term stress
  • smoking
  • iron deficiency
  • intense, long-lasting physical exertion
  • weakness, lowered immunity
  • chronic diseases, inflammations


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