Good Life Day and Night is a composition of natural plant extracts. It’s a complete nutraceutical which due to its two-phased formula acts in harmony with the organism’s circadian rhythm. It provides active substances, like ashwagandha that support vital forces during a day and hop which helps to fall asleep at night.
The Day capsules are a unique composition of extracts for good morning. Thanks to the golden root content they support general mental condition for welcoming a day. Their task is to support the nervous system thanks to turmeric, increasing vitality and good shape due to ashwagandha, and enhancing cognitive functions throughout a day thanks to ginkgo biloba.
The Night capsules are a set of natural plant extracts for goodnight, which, thanks to the presence of hop help to fall asleep, and due to chlorella content, assist to eliminate heavy metals from the organism, support immunological system and help to soothe irritated intestine walls. Extracts present in capsules contribute to creating synergy – an effect of mutual ingredients enhancement.
How does it work?
The Day capsules – increase the vitality level, support mood stabilization, increase stress tolerance (ashwagandha); facilitate carbohydrates and fats metabolism (bitter orange); support endurance during physical activity (golden root); enhance cognitive functions (Ginkgo biloba); help maintaining health of the female reproductive organs and male sexual functions (ashwagandha);
The Night capsules – facilitate falling asleep (hop), help to eliminate heavy metals from the organism (chlorella), have antioxidating properties (xanthohumol naturally present in hop), support immunological system functions (chlorella), support digestive system (chlorella).
For whom?
For all those who seek for support in maintaining an inner balance of their organism (homeostasis) thanks to golden root, for daily vitality support at the beginning of a day thanks to the presence of ashwagandha and help in falling asleep when the day ends (hop content). For those who wish to facilitate the removal of heavy metals from the organism with chlorella’s content. It’s not recommended for children younger than 12, pregnant and breastfeeding women. The Night capsules should not be consumed before intended driving.


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