The Collagen Lip Balm is a nourishing-regenerating lip balm in the form of a lipstick. Its formula is filled with high quality components of natural origin, which at the same time intensely care and efficiently protect their delicate surface.

The regenerative properties of the Collagen Lip Balm are ensured by the fish collagen peptides and elastin, which stimulate the cell regeneration processes, bringing about so important in the case of the lips area anti-wrinkle and toning effects.

The composition of five vegetable oils: castor, sunflower, jojoba, avocado and macadamia nut seeds, is an injection of the nutritive components thanks to which the lips take on the tempting softness and are resistant to the external factors operation.

The carnauba wax and vegetable oils: shea and cacao-tree seeds give the lipstick the protective properties, they nourish and oil, leaving a delicate healthy gloss on the lip’s surface. The cocoa butter is also responsible for the pleasant scent of the Collagen Lip Balm.

The lips’ skin – thin and extremely sensitive – does not like components that can burden it, therefore Collagen Lip Balm is free from silicones, micro-plastics, PEG or paraffin and it contains the natural emollients only.

Collagen Lip Balm ensures moistened, nourished, strengthened lips’ skin, resistant to the operation of the external factors. This is every day must have, necessary care, preventing dying, cracking, peeling or burning of the lips. It means toned, youthful and eye-catching lips.


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Larens Lip Balm