Premium-class toothpaste was created for night-time hygiene maintenance and oral care of teeth, gums, and mouth.

Contains a spectre of active ingredients selected for strong and beautiful teeth and healthy gums. The potential of these ingredients is released during the night-time regeneration of your organism.

Using the results of years of unique scientific research over the use of fish collagen peptides in stomatology allowed for the creation of a particular significance for the prophylaxis of gums and periodontium diseases, such as periodontitis.

The toothpaste does not contain fluorine.

Larens Dental Night Toothpaste  provides the 5 most important benefits for your teeth and gums, in compliance with the needs of oral care during sleep:

  • regeneration of gums and oral mucosa
  • whitening, removing sediment and dirt
  • remineralization
  • antiseptic properties
  • soothing damages of gums and oral mucosa

Larens Dental Day Toothpaste and Night Toothpaste are two premium kinds of toothpaste that complement each other in synergy. Created to address different needs of oral care during day and night and to provide a 24 hours protection.

  • Dedicated to morning and evening oral care. In compliance with the body’s circadian rhythm
  • Complete benefits for healthy teeth and gums
  • Using the results of years of scientific research on collagen and stomatology
  • Highly concentrated, carefully selected active ingredients for oral hygiene and care for teeth, gums, and mouth

The 5 benefits of daily use:

  • Multifunctionality and 24 hours protection
  • High-class active ingredients
  • The high concentration of active substances
  • Efficiency
  • Outstanding effectiveness in fulfilling its tasks


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Larens Dental Night Toothpaste