Enzyme Complex is a composition of bromelain and papain, two proteases – enzymes performing protein catabolism. It was created to support the digestive system during the proteins metabolism. It contributes towards the optimization of this process that could be disrupted, for example, by the constant, age-linked decrease in the gastric juice production.
The supplementation of the Enzyme Complex can reduce the results of those disorders. Their symptoms include unpleasant signals from the digestive system, such as heartburn, bloating, and food allergies. Significant adverse effects are linked to the accumulation of toxins released in the decay process caused by the bacteria reacting with the food remains. The activity of the protease in human intestines have a positive influence and minimizes this health hazard.
Digestive enzymes contained in the product are beneficial also outside the digestive system. They support the immune, respiratory and circulatory systems,  they exhibit anti-inflammatory processes and accelerate healing and regeneration.


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Enzyme Complex Nutrivi 60