Gel balm with a slightly warming, toning and relaxing effect.
The balm improves blood circulation, has a relaxing effect on painful areas, and warms subtly without causing burning or redness of the skin.
The state-of-the-art balm formula is a unique combination of high CBD content (100 mg), hemp oil and fish collagen peptides.
The unique synergy of the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of CBD (Cannabidiol), as well as fish collagen peptides, (Biopeptide Complex) provides quick relief, alleviates pain, and helps relax muscle tension.
The relaxing, pleasant warming sensation together with the soothing scent of cardamom lingers long after application.  Great for massages, even pain relieving ones – it warms without irritating the skin.
CBD RELAXING BALM can be used to warm up muscles in cold weather.
The balm protects parts of the body where blood circulation is weaker, such as the knees or Achilles tendons, from the effects of the cold.
What makes CBD RELAXING BALM stand out from similar products on the market?
  • the product contains cannabidiol with strong anti-inflammatory effects
  • rich in antioxidant BIO hemp oil
  • contains bioactive peptides of fish collagen with a pain-relieving effect that is unique on the market
  • contains extract from the Devil’s Claw(Harpagophytum procumbens), which has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, promoting relaxation, regeneration, and elimination of
  • tensions, e.g. in the neck and back.
  • enriched with several natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic extracts: cardamom, cocoa seed extract, chilli, and black pepper extract
  • Chilli pepper extract is standardised at 10 % capsaicin, a substance that affects thermoreceptors, and dilates small vessels in the skin. As a result, it produces an immediate warming effect on the skins surface, which intensifies the analgesic effect
  • the addition of soothing ingredients, such as the natural extracts from witch-hazel and ginseng, as well as allantoin, ensures the safety of use while maintaining the product’s effectiveness – it alleviates potential skin redness, in synergy with the anti-inflammatory effect
  • thanks to the BIO hemp oil, the balm does not dry out the skin and is pleasing to apply

The formula is free of:

  • PEGs
  • SLSs
  • phenoxyethanol
  • microplastics
  • parabens
  • nylon
  • PVP
  • aluminium
How does it work and who is it made for?
  • great for massages, even pain relieving ones – it has a warming effect, and relieves muscle tension
  • relieves stress, soothes nerves (the relaxing effect is intensified by the aromatherapeutic effect of cardamom)
  • thanks to the structure of the formula, it can be used on large parts of the body, and does not irritate the skin
  • improves blood circulation and strengthens blood vessels
  • applied before training, improves blood circulation, eliminates cellulite, smoothens
The safe and effective, mostly natural ingredients, are characterised by a synergy of effects for an optimal result: warming up, easing muscle tension, relaxation, pain relief, anti-inflammatory effects, and the stimulation of the regeneration process.
  • Biopeptide Complex – a unique complex containing a precious combination of oligo- and polypeptides that provide an immediate, and long-lasting moisturising effect in all skin layers. They have an analgesic effect and accelerate regeneration processes.
  • Cannabidiol – a natural organic compound, extract from hemp (Cannabis sativa L). It shows strong anti-inflammatory properties and accelerates regenerative processes in the epidermis. Protects the skin from oxidative stress and impurities, strengthens its lipid bilayer, moisturises, and prevents dryness.
  • BIO hemp oil – a rich source of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids and minerals, as well as biologically active substances. Effectively moisturises, strengthens, nourishes, and makes the skin supple. It increases the resistance of the epidermis to external factors, soothes irritation and has an antioxidant effect.
  • Theobroma Cacao extract – cocoa bean extract – has a stimulating and warming effect. Protects the skin from oxidative stress, impurities, and strengthens its lipid bilayer. Ideal for tired, stressed skin.
  • Cardamom seed extract – for centuries, aromatic cardamom has been known for its anti-inflammatory, warming, and antibacterial effects. As an ingredient of CBD RELAXING BALM it adds to its relaxing, and calming properties.
  • Black pepper extract – contains piperine, which has an anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effect.
  • Chilli pepper extract (10% capsaicin) – has a warming effect on the skin – dilates small vessels, which has an analgesic effect, and stimulates circulation.
  • Devil’s claw extract (Harpagophytum procumbens) – has an anti-inflammatory effect, promotes relaxation, regeneration, and elimination of
  • tension, e.g. in the neck and back area.

Soothing ingredients: Ginseng, witch hazel and allantoin extracts

  • Allantoin – has skin soothing properties and stimulates the growth of healthy skin tissue. It has a moisturising, softening and anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Ginseng extract – seals blood vessels. It strengthens the skin, prevents irritation and soothes redness. It improves blood circulation and has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
  • Witch-hazel extract – improves the suppleness of the small capillaries and reduces inflammation, prevents redness of the skin.


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